MVP vs. MLP: Why Shift From Viable to Lovable

What is MVP?

  • it’s cheaper
  • it’s less risky
  • user feedback helps you shape a more marketable final version
  • increases investor confidence

Why shift from viable to lovable: The essentials of MLP

  • Start with the user’s “why”: What value does your product bring to end users?
  • Separate the problem from the solution. Detach yourself from what you think users need and what they’re actually experiencing.
  • Stay laser focussed on the one thing that you do really well. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Solve only high value problems and keep the balance between “Minimum” and “Lovable”.
  • Invest in design, marketing and branding early on to build a loyal and enthusiastic community.
  • Listen to users, but don’t take their words at face value. Seek both quantitative and qualitative user feedback.



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