#FintechProductDiaries: Creating customer experiences that last with Hamid Noor of easypaisa

In our “Fintech Product Diaries” interview series, we’ll meet you with some of the most experienced and inspiring product and UX professionals in the fintech sector and their unique product stories and lessons learned.

Hamid’s fintech journey

Focus on understanding your customer pain points to create the ultimate customer experience

Make compliance your best friend

Hamid’s 4 tips for creating a successful fintech product in 2022

  1. Create the most delightful customer experience “by doing in-depth customer research, conducting interviews and feedback sessions with customers of different segments, doing competition scans both at local and global level”
  2. Focus on stability “by selecting the right and up-to-date technology stack offering more security, flexibility, agility and alignment with CI/CD”
  3. Remain compliant “by staying on top of all regulatory developments”
  4. Instil trust “by keeping your security framework up-to-date and aligning your product with all required data and information security protocols”

What is unique about the Pakistani fintech sector



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